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Eric Herbelin has over three decades of experience in the insurance industry, spending over twenty years in international leadership roles. As a strategist, business developer and CEO, he brings a wealth of experience in building and growing new businesses as well as successfully launching new products in international markets and transforming organizations. Eric Herbelin is an experienced executive manager bringing change leadership to the table and empowering teams to take ownership and accountability.


Leadership and Change

Learn about how to build leadership skills required to empower teams and improve the customer experience, creating a culture of ownership, accountability and belonging.

Growth and Innovation

Spot opportunities for growth and innovation to create positive change in the areas that matter for your customers and your organization.

Data and Analytics

Hone in on the data within your organization and build a platform that allows you to compete in an increasingly digital and artificially intelligent world.

Eric herbelin

"The only way to differentiate and sustain a competitive advantage is through service. People and culture are the single most important enablers."

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“Everyone in the organization is a leader. Whether that is the CEO, a supervisor or a customer service representative.”

Eric Herbelin

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Eric Herbelin has been featured for his experience in building and growing new and existing businesses, levering data analytics, on guiding organizations through change, and for sharing his unique approach to transformational leadership. With international business experience across the globe and Swiss roots, content has been published in English, German and French. To get all of Eric Herbelin’s latest media features, you can click here or on the button below to access the media section of his website.

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